Healthy recipes for 2017 that you must try

Don’t you find yourself sometimes running out of healthy food recipe ideas? It happens to me often, maybe it is because most of the recipes take to long and have so many ingredients or maybe because most of them are to high on carbs. Reasons why these healthy recipes for 2017 will be a great option.

Since I am not the one who likes to spend hours at the kitchen, cooking and cleaning and waiting. I thought I might put together my favorite healthy recipes for 2017. During the year I create fitness projects and these projects always include healthy meal plans. What I look for a recipe is to be simple, effective and won’t take more than an hour. Plus the ingredients must fulfill the fitness goals. So think of balance carbs, protein, seasonal veggies and good fats together with amazing good taste.

Just click on the recipe title and you will find the follow up of the recipes from  healthy food bloggers. Bon Apetit 2017!


Are you thinking, didn’t she say she likes quick recipes? Well the reason I love this recipe from Paleo Leap is because is so convenient. You have to leave it cooking and when you come back from your fitness routine workout or yoga practice, meal will be waiting for you.



I saw this healthy recipe from Juyogi and I was delighted with the seasonal ingredients and nutrients. Hope you enjoy the sweet and sour taste of this tasty meal recipe. It is a fulfilling meal after a hard fitness workout or almost 3 hours long yoga practice.



I was so happy I could recreate a healthy version of the McMuffins. I grew up in the border to Texas, having a McMuffin for breakfast was something normal in my young age when I knew nothing about nutrition. This paleo version has my longing fulfilled and made me feel happy and fit. I have tried so many versions of gluten free pancakes that they have become a regular breakfast in my kitchen.



Chorizo is a food ingredient from my roots that I cannot deny. I grew up with lots of eggs with chorizo for breakfast before leaving for school. So I cannot leave aside this recipe, it brings so many warm memories. It is so much tasty and the girls from the Daily Dose mentioned the recipe comes from the Frühstückeinnen‘s new book called Morgenstund.



The other day I was thinking how can I give a better use to my cook spiral tool  since I do not make so much zucchini pasta I went and looked for new spiral pasta meal inspiration and I found this great recipe from food blogger Justine kept calm and went vegan.



Austrian nutritionist Julia Zeitlhuber just launched her brand new nutrition coaching in her webpage, Ready to Nourish, where she gives very informative nutritional articles and recipes. I was attracted to the Kale salad, since kale is well know as an antioxidant veggie i loved how Julia create a balance and healthy salad.



To be honest I am always inspired by Nina’s recipes. I choose the healthiest and they work amazing. This grilled salmon with hummus is not exception. Lately I crave a lot of hummus. So having the perfect balance of carbs, protein and healthy fat in my plate with this recipe is great. The recipe is in german version so I will try to sum it up.

Ingredients: 1 or 2 salmon fillet there is local organic Forelle-salmon fish farmers where you can get your fish from, I get it from the organic stands in Naschmarkt, 150g Hummus, I normally look from Nenni’s. sprouts,  400 g Spinach, Salt & Chili, 4 Garlic cloves, 1 Avocado, 1 Limon, Pine seeds and 1 Tsp Olive oil.

How to cook: In one side spice the salmon with the garlic and chili salt then add it to a hot skillet with olive oil, as soon it becomes pink take put it to a plate. In a skillet grill the spinach with the garlic.  Prepare the hummus and slide the avocado. Style your food, gram it and enjoy Berries and Passion ‘s delicious recipe.



By now you might have notice I enjoy avocado and some type of pasta like. This recipe is healthy and easy to make. If you are in a hurry and very hungry you can put together all the ingredients and have your meal prepared quick. It is also german version but Anna describes it clear and her pics are easy to follow.



 It sounds and tastes delicious. When I read the recipe at Maddie’s blog Dariadaria I thought I might try it. The ingredients might sound a bit less popular but that is why this post is been made, to get creative for the 2017.


These were my favorite healthy recipes for the 2017 that I believe you must try and let me know how you like them. I love getting inspired from food and lifestyle bloggers because even if you are like me, who eats without caring about styling your food, and you see how gorgeous your food looks, your brain instantly starts to enjoy the meal. Bon Apetit!

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