Is Raw Food diet for you?

Raw food is a diet based basically  in raw vegetables and fruits, you can warm it up or cook up to 48°C.

It is interesting how raw food diet has been developed during the years. Can you imagine Pythagoras having a inner circle school where one of the requirement was to be vegetarian? And the father of the famous phrase Let your food be your medicine was one of them? 

 Raw food followers have the strong believe that life force comes from the energy of the sun. Therefore you will find here and there raw food called as well Sun Food Diet. It makes sense to me, at least to the holistic part of me.  I have read several books about raw food diet that convinced me to go Raw for half year. In that time I was inspired, motivated and eager to learn about my body. So I went in the quest to support my husband’s needs to heal and help to balance his stress level.

I got really inspired from David Wolfe’s books The Naked Chocolate and The Sun Food Diet.  I looked very carefully to his books and Victoria Boutenko’s Green Life, Green Smoothies and 12 steps to Raw Food.

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is raw food for you

Raw food diet like KetoPaleo, and basically any diet you are on, is part of your lifestyle, it is not only for summer or special event but how you live. It has direct impact from and for how you live in a daily basis, your level of stress, your social, family, studies and fitness habits.

Raw food eaters were before fire was discovered. Nowdays, we look back to our roots when our food industry system fails in providing HEALTH to our bodies.  That is why raw, primal, paleo diets get popular again and again. Because their principles are based on body health behavior thru self observation and knowledge instead of making money selling food and selling pharmacy drugs for curing the disease that SAD (Standard American Diet) food caused on the first place.

Raw food diet is been popular in America for decades it was known when hollywood actors started to use it as holistic healing and detoxing the body as well to get back in shape for the next movie like Demi Moore who has been eating raw food to speed up her slim tone body and taking kundalini yoga classes.

The raw food chefs boom appeared and now we do have more access to this healthy way of eating. Here in Vienna you can visit several places to have raw food crepes, energy balls, green juices and delicious cakes easily.

I make great tasty bread with the Excalibur Dehydrator, warm soups, and tons of green smoothies for any occasion with my vitamix. I dried fruits and tried to make crepes, tortillas, cacao truffels and so on.

My personal experience is that I really felt light, energetic and fitter. Maybe a bit dizzy from the strong toxins from the dark green plants. I had more positive experiences than negative.


Improves your digestive system

You eat your vitamins and nutrients intact

Increase your vitality

Delays the signs of aging (for those who asked my secret)

Improves your energy level

Provides plant based protein

Heals chronic diseases

Alkalizes the body

You can add raw principles into your now diet, allow yourself to have the benefits on your side and then after having your own experience and knowledge, decide if Raw food diet is for you or not. Let me know how it went? I still eat a lot of raw food with my green juices. As I say create your own eating habits that are in line with your heath and fitness goals.

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