Keeping it real on diets

Before we talk about diets and weight loss I would like to address our relationship with food. We have a real relationship with what we eat since we were inside our mother. We nourished thru another human been. We took all the nutrients to develop physically and emotionally. We took that energy to evolve until we were born. After birth we continue to be dependent and continue to ingest what we could thru our mother’s milk unless you were one of those children who didn’t accept that milk and started to drink “milk powder”.

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I do not want to go on giving you a thesis about the connection between food, love and comfort and how crucial it is the role you play at your home kitchen. I just want to make sure you keep this in mind.

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We need food and we want food! Right? We eat because we are hungry, we eat because tradition, we eat because we are happy, we eat because rituals, we eat because we are tired, we eat because we are sad, we eat because we are horny, we eat because we are bored, we eat because we are curious, we eat because we are nervous, we eat because we want comfort, we eat because…

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Can you relate to any of that? I am sure you do because we are humans here.

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So here is the deal, I remind you what food can do for you, good and bad, some are clever enough to make food work for them, some like the average like me could be still following the goat, meaning, I get what I feel like having at the moment without been sensitive to the body.


1) Get to know your body
2) Include before exclude
3) Learn, adopt, eat, repeat

To get to know your body you might do something more than closing your eyes and wait what your body says, but go and make a general check and do not forget check your hormones in case you are female. So we are in step one, after you get your results talk to your doctor and see how you are doing. If everything is fine then, you may proceed with step two.

Photo credit: Greg Dupree
Photo credit: Greg Dupree

Step two is about add vegetables to your diet in case you are already “brav” in doing that then observe how many greens you are taking. If you are rolling your eyes already and saying, again with the greens, it is because having this type of carbs will not only give you the power and energy you need for your day but it will help the balance in your body. Even when you are matablic carbo type then adding “whole greens” will do good for you in losing that extra fat that is storage in your tights or belly.

Step three is about learning the system, adopting to new recipes, eat new recipes and repeat every single week. By now you know your tastes, more sweet than spicy? Or, the other way around? Either way remember those tastes and add them to your new recipes.

Remember, is not about eating less intakes than outtakes but making food working for you, keeping it real on diets is what makes it work.

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