Low Carb diet for busy people

I know how busy can turn when you are working in the office for projects and business programs. Your nutrition can be easily go the unhealthy way  and you know what that means; it means earning extra weight and extra fat. Eating healthy and keeping your carbs in control can be a bit tricky when you feel overwhelmed and tired. You could manage to do some sport for maybe stress release but the food could be out of control. If that is your case believe it or not you can fit in your busy schedule a low carb diet if you follow the next tips. You will drop weight and fat and more important you will feel in balance.


A low carb diet is a diet based on cutting off the starchy food, prioritizing fats & proteins as main nutrition resource. Paleo diet and Keto diet have more less the same principle.

Wolfgang Lutz was an Austrian doctor back in the late 60’s who published a book called “Life without bread” giving clinical experiences that Low Carb Diet in patients healed from what he called “Diseases of Civilisation” He demonstrated clinically how today’s comparative overload of carbohydrate requires compensatory adjustments in our hormonal secretions – primarily in insulin, but also in thyroid, adrenal, growth and sex hormone levels.-The Guardian

Low carb diet is mainly use to heal from modern diseases or a way to support our fitness endurance and fast recovery without going to the extreme.


If you are one of those people like me that like to drink and eat while working in front of the computer. You can easily prepare your drinks and snacks for your busy time. Here are some tips and ideas that can have you covered when you are in the need to eat something either sweet, sour or salty.

–> Prepare one liter of water with your favorite citrus and herbs. It could be slices of lemon, oranges with mint or your favorite tasty berries. 

–>Prepare your favorite nuts and seed and season them with your favorite spice; Mexican, Italian, Indian taste, you name it.

–> Prepare sliced cucumbers and season them your taste. I live it with a bit of salt and lemon juice.

–> Prepare a pot of green tea cold or warm, depending on the season.

–> Prepare pop corn sweet or salty here is a recipe from juyogi.

–> Prepare in minutes cacao truffles to take to the office.

–> Choose grilled food like steak, fish or seafood when you go the the restaurant, or squash if you are vegetarian/vegan.

I am always on the go and even though I like to eat outside I try to balance between my body needs and my mind and hormone needs. The tastes for me are very important. So I would avoid a steak with a tortilla or bread because I just love the taste of the grilled steak but I will add a red wine to it, no fried potatoes on the side or rice, salad, lettuce instead if I want to go on the road with low carb diet.

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