Lunching at Vegg go Bistro Vienna

Last Friday I was invited to try Vegg go vegetarian and vegan bistro restaurant. The place is located in a well known mall in the north of Vienna. So I came in and found out they do have all you can eat buffet! for those hungry bellies. I ordered it and also I wanted to try the veggie burger and sweet potatos.

The location is comfy, spacey and bright. This time I chose a table to have my meal. First time I was at Vegg go I had a meeting with my photographer to plan the last season projects. We had coffee; a capuccino and a kleine braune; it is the Austrian version of a macchiato both really good.

Since I was invited to try out as a fitness blogger and athlete, I was looking for the macros at the menu and buffet. It was a hard choice I muss say, I ended up eating a falafel burger which only has 12% protein. The other options are soya and beans. The bun was gluten and the other meals tend to be on the carbo side. I would have loved to see raw, grilled or cooked plain veggies as broccoli, spinach, ruccola, or more green in the salad section.

From the taste the ratatouille dish and the “Mexican beans” were good. And the fresh water was tasty as well, go for the melon one. The vegan brownie, if i remember correctly, from the dessert was delicious. In general;  it is a great place and choice if you find yourself shopping and you are looking for a meatless restaurant.

Fitness wise, I would have to either go for a plain salad, some beens, fresh water and coffee, unless you are bulking this is the place to go and enjoy the meals because the place has a sense of freedom thanks to its open space at the surroundings and in between tables. You can also lounge at the couches. Perfect for the snack or coffee time.

Thank you Vegg go Bistro for the invitation and letting me try your food options from a fitness point of view.

Vegg go 


Wagramer 81

1220 Wien


  • Hi Angie! Great post! I tried also the Ratatouille and was delicious! Next time I will go for this burger, it Looks tasty!!!

    • If you are into soy then you could try the protein burger. The bun you can leave it and add some lettuce instead. 🙂 Happy day!

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