Meatless Monday: Chili sin Carne from Rohgenuss

Chili con Carne is one of the typical Tex-Mex food for the fall season. Since I grew up within a Tex-Mex Culture. sort of say, I was happy to hear that this recipe would be part of the main course from the raw food workshop I attended this weekend, as part of the great opening from a very cool coffee shop and bistro in the middle of Vienna: The Art of Raw.

Even though this Chili con carne recipe will be no warm and without carne, I promise you it will tastes as good as healthy. Michaela Russmann, chef and book autor from Rohgenuss guided us in this workshop to prepare a very healthy yummy meal.

Since I started to have meatless Mondays I can already share my feedback. It has been a good and warm feeling, for me it is very personal; to somehow honor those animals that are been sacrificed to become the food that is served in my table and also others table with one day or more days no meat. I did not think it will be challenging to avoid any kind of meat. Sometimes it is. That is the reason I like to try again and again and more and more meatless food recipes that are also healthy and balanced.

The opening of the Art of Raw coffee shop and Bistro is one of the best offers in Vienna, because is local, it cares and it deliveries quality, tasty superfood and…meatless.

We started almost on time and we had to prepare everything in 30 minutes! Team work made it happened! Veggies and fruits where cut in different ways and the meals were done! The recipe comes from Rohgenuss chef Michela. You can find more recipes from her books that are still for sale at Art of Raw coffee shop and bistro.

We also made a cucumber salad and for dessert a delicious chocolate mousse which I have to tell you I had 2 serves from it and I enjoyed it with a mandelccino speciality from the house.

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For 2 Persons

4 tomatoes

1 Paprika

5cm Leek

1 Tsp Pine seeds

1 Tsp Chili (Paprika) powder

2 Garlic cloves


3 Tsp Olive oil


Cut the tomatoes, paprika, and leek in tiny cubes. Mix with spices and olive oil. Then you can make it look cool with a ring from baking. You can decorate with sesame seeds and cress. Enjoy! And thank The Art of Raw for the event and last chilling group picture.


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