Meatless Monday

This Monday I want to join the meatless Monday revolution with some facts about meat eating culture I come from. Back in my home country we grow up with a meat eating culture. Having meat in the table can relate with the idea of been wealthy or not. My father always made the best to bring meat to the table. I remember clearly he saying that nothing tastes better but meat, including fish. Once my mom had to cook him a steak after a fish meal. That is how I grew up. There was actually no conscious on how the cows and lambs where fed. I remember knowing about a diet of grains for them. 20 years ago I did not have the information that now I have to be aware of the whole picture.

Back in my birth town we still select our lamb to be eaten in a special occasion. I grew up like this, this is my story. I had pets at home and my pets where eaten time to time. I had no bad feelings about it. I thought I understood the circle of living. I thought it was normal until I started to read Osho, I was a big fan of Osho books. My adult phase was about Osho and self discovering. I never thought if I was doing harm to a been and I never ever thought my food would be put into stress level while been killed. That made a swift on me for a while but I never stop eating meat.

That said, I come with an idea that strong habits, traditions and cultures rule over us, it could blind our sensitivity for the world, the earth and another been.

I see a new generation that want to balance this. And I want to join the #meatlessMonday for the sake of good in every way.


 1.- Avoid having extra stress in your body from another been

2.- Contribute to the environment by reducing production of the food industry

3.- Learn another way to nourish yourself

4.- Save baby cows, pigs and chickens from been in small cage with no light and no space

5.- Contribute in reducing the food industry governing and deciding what we buy for our family

6.- Reduce the high costs of bringing food to our family

7.- Reduce our body fat by avoiding consuming meat with gluten grains and sugar that makes us increase body fat if is not well regulated 


Maybe I am getting to my senses because my birthday is coming and I feel like enough is enough. Been conscious ALL the time is not easy. It is not expected, and certainly is not for lazy people. Been conscious is not been a freak and squared minded. I want to believe that I can still do something for me and the world, don’t you agree? This is more about learning to care more than going with the marketing and trend. At least I want to believe that. Don’t you?

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