Morning elixir for fat loss

Let’s talk about green drinks and fat loss. Wheatgrass with lemon is my best morning drink for fat loss I ever found. This easy drink helps to detox, make my morning swallowed face recover and change my mood. A refresher drink that helps the body to recover and expelled the toxins from the night.

What we want in life is to have more life, energy to enjoy the moments and people around us. Without energy and power we miss the opportunity to cease the day. There are several recipes that I want to share with you. This is pretty simple and efficient. Make it a healthy habit ritual. Every day you wake up and prepare a single small glass with cold pressed wheatgrass-lemon juice. It makes sense to nourish ourselves from life, we eat mostly from the dead, we take protein and nutrients from cooked food. Here we have the change to take what nature gives us for free.   Every raw foodie and healthy living pal will take this morning elixir as his/her morning breakfast ritual. Why? because it has all the minerals and nutrients to give youth to the body. Helping with fat loss in the process.



Fat loss

Stimulates circulation

Treat arthritis

Cleanse the liver

Treat hangover


Fight depression

Combat inflammation

Neutralize infections

Improves oral health

Eliminates metal from your body

Boost energy


2 handful wheatgrass

1 lemon

1 small piece of ginger

Cold press lemon without skin, then add the ginger and at the end the wheatgrass. I use my green life juicer. It takes time, be patience and enjoy the healthy and fit green juice, especially for fat loss because what the ingredients do is regenerate cells from the body, making a new change to eliminate fat.

 So remember, having a morning elixir ritual for fat loss daily, it will not only cleanse and detox the body but will make your face shine and you will be ready for the day. Trust me you will feel lighter and healthier. This recipe is very simple and is worth the bitter taste try.

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