My impressions on Raw food: Victoria Boutenko

When I just moved to Austria, I had the opportunity to be a raw foodist for half a year. My hubby got me all the un cooking tools to facilitate the process. I have in the kitchen the vitamix, the cold pressed green juice and the biggest version of the dehydrator from excalibur. Can you imagine? Actually the only bread that I ever made in my life was raw bread! it was really delicious, that is the reason why I thought I would like to share with you my impressions on raw food for that period of my life. Would I do it again? Yes but different, I would have a different reason and motivation such a specific health need care.  But now I share the benefits I got from it:


Having to clean up your digestive system in every meal you have. Cleansing and detoxing the nervous system, skin, and mind. Raw food diet is mostly to bring the energy direct from the living vegetables and fruits. Been in a raw food diet is to expect several visits to the toilet. Becoming a flat belly.


Raw food diet could be a bit challenging when it comes to answer the question, what should I eat now? But you can expect a sense of proudness when you feel like you rule your life.


Just look to the thousand books after Victoria Boutenko and David Wolf about how to make the perfect green smoothie. What about all the green smoothies shops and restaurants as the IT places to go in your hometown. Expect a lot of motivation and filling in your book shelves with amazing beautiful food styling to try out.


One thing you would agree with me is that to be in a raw food diet or adopting any kind of diet means understanding what is to become independent from certain foods and moods. Understanding your own behavior towards food is a great opportunity to grow as a human been believe it or not. Why? because knowing how you function with external influences is crucial and sometimes life saving.

Whether or not you choose to be in a raw food diet, it offers great ways to enjoy what nature offers. The books 12 steps to raw food and green smoothies from Dr. Victoria Boutenko are a must to read to understand also the scientific way.

Adopting a raw food diet would for sure change the way you shop and prepare your food. If you are up for it, enjoy!

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