On the road with the LOW CARB diet


This year I just got the feeling to go for it and adopt the LOW CARB diet for half a year. Ending December this idea came to my mind and I just couldn’t let it go.


Since 4 years I have experienced the benefits of the GREEN SMOOTHIE diet. After that I decided to go 80% RAW in my food intakes for almost half a year in 2011. The last 2 years I adopted GREEN JUICES & GRASS FED MEAT as basic diet.


I proudly tell you that we are in the middle of March and I feel so happy & alive. Right before I was about to start, I have to say I felt a little pressed by my husband spreading the word… Do we all sometimes get this kind of feeling? Now that is public I have to be stiff and show off? Suddenly, what started to be joy and fun turned to be a closed up thing to do.


Anyway, I had to keep self-focus and self-trust and for sure not be distracted by public opinion. I do this because I want to be healthy not because another reasons…


Now, here is what i do daily ;):

–> Getting up (so hard to get up, I am not a morning person, have to work on that) and get my goodies.

–> Green Juice

–> Superfoods (algen, cacao, bee pollen, herbs)

–> Either do my fitness Training or do my activities of the day

–> Prepare and cook after training something delicious based on greens, protein & more greens.

–> Enjoy time with my husband (yes it the most important activity of the day)

–> Do social/work stuff (meeting with friends, pear groups & integrate in my new country home)

–> Either relax and go to bed or cook dinner based on greens, protein & more greens

Does that means I eat not enough a day? nop, I always keep a raw cacao, cashew nuts & goji berries (my fav combination of snacks) stock in my bag. So that is easy to keep, right?


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