Paleo diet for newbies

Paleo diet is a great diet to keep yourself healthy and fit. I mean there is no science to see that dropping grains means dropping fat and more.

I bet you have heard of Crossfit athletes’ diet and lifestyle because the tattoos are not enough to be known they have chosen a paleolithic way of eating. If you google paleo you will find pages of websites informing what this diet is about. The ones I follow since the beginning are Robb Wolf, Paleo Mom and OMG Paleo. They not only give you reasons based on science to chose Paleo diet as a way of eating but give you tons of info on food and recipes. So, I will cut to the chase.

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Wanna try Paleo? You must know the following before taking the big step:

Well think of athletic body and clear active mind waiting for you as a new lifestyle. Follow your gut and do not fall into laziness and chose a certain way of eating because you want to deal with your life stress. i know how hard it is, specially for women to be consistant with what really matters. Unless your priorities are not set right to support your goals. Paleo and any other lifestyle diet that is not pairing with Standard American Diet will challenge you every time you are in stress, tired, bored, or your hormones are unbalance. Actually Paleo supports a better hormone, nervious and digestive system. Think about it when you are in doubt.


1.- Paleo food will support any fitness enthusiast that want to become more serious in his/her performance.

2.- There are delicious paleo food recipes that you will forget about the old eating habits and fake food.

3.- Eating paleo will burn your stored fat.

4.- Your energy level will be kept high.

5.- Anti inflammatory.

Ditching the grains, the sugar and the diary pays off when you see and feel your body fit and healthy.

Are you a Paleo one? Let Live Healthily Ever After know how is it with you and your daily living.

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