Paleo Marzipan

Ok guys, I have to confess that Lebkuchen and Marzipan are my fav dessert of the christmas holiday season. They have the right flavor, not to sugary and you can find them in any advent/christmas market in Vienna. My favorites are homemade or to be found in Gluten-Free/Vegan stands as well as organic farmers, which are very easy to find in the city.

Marzipan recipe comes from Persia

I decide to give a try to this Paleo Marzipan Recipe because after all I love almonds and I love where my food comes from, so a bit of history is always a great pleasure for me to know and love what is behind any tradition, regarding food or fitness. Besides, I love romance, even though I have denied it for so many years…and when Venice and Paris are named on any story it will catch my attention.


So let me tell you that the Marzipan recipe comes from Persia, where almonds and sugar were easily grown. And, believe it or not its mixture has curative effects. In the medieval times Marzipan was called to those little boxes where spices where used to be traded.  Marzipan recipe came to Europe, making royalties happy with this sweet dessert. Later to find them in coffee houses make it accessible to the population. As any tradition there is a myth also, and there is a saying that back in 1400 in Venice, Marzipan was “accidentally” made by a girl who was at her father confectionary playing with the main ingredients: Almonds and Honey to later presented as his little daughter’s invention and sold it as bread.




Marzipan was made later on with almonds and sugar cane, recipe spread over Europe, Hungary, Italy, Germany, France and Austria are enjoying this delicious delicatessen. The famous Charles XIV from France and Queen Elizabeth were addicted to the marzipan sweets, which were always in the royalties tables at christmas time and new years.



  • 1¼ cup raw honey
  • 4 cups organic raw almonds (grounded)
  • 2 eggs whites


Prepare a water freeze cold bowl.

Heat on a saucepan until boiling, it will take around 10 minutes.

After place the saucepan in the bowl with the cold water and stir the honey until is creamy and thick.

Then stir the almond flour and the eggs white in the saucepan and keep moving back in the heat for 3 minutes.

Them stir it in the mixer and mix in slow pace until it cool down.

Last, place it in a sealed container and refrigerate overnight!



Nowdays, one can enjoy Marzipan in Austria all year long in the coffee shops in so many ways; marzipan cake, cookie, bread, snack bar. If you like museums and like to enjoy tours where you can know about history and food; Marzipan museum in Vienna is for you…their doors are open on January 15, 2015.


But if you are the kind of the gluten free then you can find tasty marzipan at the Spittelberg Christkindlmarkt or at the Bio-marktsaison on the Freyung platz

Merry Christmas!

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