Post Workout Smoothie

Since 4 years I have been enjoying the benefits of having a post workout smoothie. Every time I am in a rush and do not have time to cook my main meal I hurry and throw together green lettuce, banana, bee pollen, coconut oil, goji and blue berries to have a post workout smoothie instead. The smoothies recipes are really easy to make and if you are like me that you do not want to spend half of the time in the kitchen doing slow cooking to have your nutrients then this is for you!

post workout green smoothie
post workout green smoothie

Bee pollen is known as a superfood that help in shortening the recovering period after an intensive workout. Actually the bee pollen is the flower pollen taken by the bee and mixed with honey from the hive bring a magical nutrient power. I use it regularly, I love the taste and enjoy the benefits of it such the grow muscles, quick recovery, weight controller, energy enhancer, cardiovascular system supporter. It has a lot of vitamins, protein, enzymes.

Goji and blue berries are known for boosting the immune system and promote health in the biggest organ from the body, the skin.

Coconut oil is known for so many benefits, some of them are antiseptic, weight loss, longer endurance, preserves muscle mass, promotes ketosis as well kills candida fungus, bacterias and virus.

Banana is known for protecting muscle cramps, protects against heart attacks and strokes. Also brings to the body stress relief and regulates the blood sugar.

Green leaves are known for been alkalined meaning they are full with life, energy. They are antioxidants, anti inflammatory, strengthens the nervous system. Detox the body.


1 handful of green leaves. Can be any green like spinach or kale. The bitter the better.

1 ripe banana

1 handful of blueberries

1 cup of goji berries

1 Tablespoon of coconut oil

2 Tablespoons of bee pollen

300ml water or almond milk

Place all ingredients in your mixer, I use my Vitamix. If your blender is less powerful then make sure to cut in small pieces in advance the lettuce and banana and blend.

Post workout smoothie
Post workout smoothie

I take one glass filled with my post workout smoothie and drink it right after my training is finished. Not only brings me right away the ingredients that my body needs after putting stress in my muscles and psyche but allows me to be more conscious is eating healthier instead to rushing up to the non natural energy bars fueled with additives that are normally at the gyms for sale. I rather prefer to have a natural protein shake like this. I was introduced to fitness this way and I keep it like this because it has giving results in keeping the energy level that my stressy life demands. I have tried different ways of nourishing my body and mostly my mind and I have to say it gives not exactly what I always looked for. A post workout smoothie has until now giving me the benefits of stress recovery and time saving when it comes to be in the kitchen slow cooking when your are hungry. Let me know what is your best workout drink!?

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