Recipe: Alkaline Green Smoothie

You are in a hurry and need a quick and healthy green smoothie and you think of alkaline ingredients in the recipe. Since I arrived to Vienna I started to enjoy the benefits of having a fitness and lifestyle coach as a husband. He introduced me to the green smoothies books from the Boutenko raw family. And I soon started to learn the difference between simple green smoothies and alkaline smoothies for a different health and fitness goal. I found myself spending days reading the books and trying out the green smoothies recipes from the Boutenko’s and rawfood star David Wolf.

The effective green smoothies for my fat loss process without me knowing it was the right ingredients in the smoothie that will support my energy demand and stress level of my daily fitness workouts training and the work to integrate as fast as possible to this beautiful city of Waltz that is Vienna. This recipe never gets old and gives a lot to the body.


1 Hand full of kale leaves

1 Celery stick

1 hand full of spinach leaves

1 Lemon

1 shot of wheatgrass

1 Cup of water

1 cucumber



Mix all ingredients in your powerful blender and blend until the kale leaves are totally broken down and ready to sip.

This alkaline green smoothie recipe will completely boost your energy and will set you ready for the rest of the day. Nothing more self love and self awareness than treating your self with the best nutrients that will give all your body need. If you feel a bit shaky it might be from the strong tox detox that comes from the wheatgrass shot. You can always add a tablespoon of ginger and if you still do not make peace with the taste and the strong smell from the green smoothie then you can add either an apple or banana or one orange, read that I wrote “or”. Keep it simple but energy efficient. By the way if you feel like adding some fat to the equation feel free to add some almond nuts or cashew nuts to the mix.

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