Recipe: Grilled veggies salad

I love grilling, I just do. Maybe is my background, it is in my blood to grill. I come from the grilling culture. My dad used to grill steaks every weekend, I remember helping him to wash the griller, that was my task. Every weekend we will be ready to do some grilling in our garden. I used to also pick up the lemons from our trees and the wild chili’s. How I miss those days. My mom used to prepare the gacamole and the steaks and my dad was always the cook. We never grilled veggies though, we had some quesadillas and some wiener sausages with grilled onions, but never used veggies because the place we used to live didn’t grow up broccoli or zucchini for example. But here in Vienna I really enjoy the veggies been grilled together with the Halomi cheese. I always loved the taste. Besides this recipes is totally simple and healthy.



Olive oil or coconut oil





Red peper


Slice all veggies like a fajita like.

Place some oil on the griller and wait until is hot.

Add the veggies and grill.

Turn the veggies several time or maybe once each side and place them in a plate to be ready to enjoy. I like to eat them with halomi cheese and olives as well.

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