Recipe: Low carb mushroom omelet

Inspired in a friend of mine who is a keto diet follower, I thought to put together this very easy low carb mushroom omelet recipe for you!



3 eggs

3-4 medium mushrooms chopped

1 Tsp. of coconut oil

Handful of coriander chopped


Optional: cooked fish


Melt the coconut oil in the pan.

Add the mushrooms and cook until they start to loose water.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and whilst the mushrooms.

Poor the bowl into the pan and cook.

Use a spatula to make use the eggs are not sticking to the pan.

Allow to cook for around 4 minutes and spice it up with salt and pepper, your taste.

Now enjoy the omelet with your favorite veggies and/or fruits. You can add olives and feta cheese if you like the idea. For drink I would have plain water of maybe a small glass of fresh pressed orange juice.

Hope you enjoy the low carb mushroom omelet recipe!

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