Recipe: Poached egg with avocado

I love eggs, I love scramble eggs, sunny side eggs, boiled eggs and lately poached eggs, either as eggs benedict or with just some greens and avocado I am super happy. That is why I would like to start the year with a poached egg recipe. I remember the first time I poached an egg it was not quite right. Somehow I over did it but I believe I am getting better at it besides I always find it more tasty this way. Do you agree?



2 eggs

1 Tsp. apple cider vinegar

A saucepan

1 avocado sliced






Fill the saucepan with water and add the one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Heat until the water is simmering.

Stir the water and when it looks like a whirlpool crack the egg into the middle of the saucepan.

The egg will start to move because of the hot of the water and the egg will be soon white and wrapped into a ball.

leave the egg poaching around 2-3 minutes, depending how you like your eggs. Leave it longer if you don’t like your egg yolk running but solid.

Now, set your eggs on a plate with the avocado slices and spice it up with salt and pepper and a bit of chili.  I like with also with asparagus and some basil, watercress and maybe broccoli.

If you follow my instagram stories you will see that I am more like a breakfast brunch person. What kind are you?

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