Recipe: Sweet potatoes fish cakes

When I was a child I remember my mom preparing delicious fish cakes for dinner or lunch, it depended on the weather and by weather I mean her latin weather. If you know what I mean. Even thought this recipe is used and shared mostly in the summer, I find it very refreshing to have a nice fish cake in this winter. Since the omega 3 from the fish helps in support the winter depression and keeps our skin moisture, it is a good idea after all to have this fish cake recipe at hand. Think of moisture hair and scalp in this winter by having the most delicious food.


This recipe is made with Mackerel fish but my mom used to do it with Tuna fish. Your choice, I believe both taste delicious.


2 Tsp. Coconut oil

2 smalls sweet potatoes

2 cooked peppered mackerel fillets

1 chopped onion

1 Tsp. Rosemary chopped


Chop the sweet potatoes into small cubes. Steam them until the become soft.

Melt half portion of the coconut oil and fry the onions until they become transparent.

Drain the sweet potatoes and mash them until they get a nice softy look, add the rosemary to it.

Smash the cooked mackerel fillets into the sweet potatoes and make a for of a paddy.

Stir the left coconut oil in a warm pan and add the cakes to it.

After around 4 minutes you can turn the cake. The way you know they are ready is that they take a brown color . After that you can enjoy it with with a tasty arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and some vinegar. What I enjoy the most in this recipe is not only tasty but simple, and nutritional. If you are in a weight loss or fat loss regime, this recipe fits perfectly to your meal plan and supports the demanding stress from daily life and fitness workouts training. I normally will pack them in a container and have it in my meal pre like I get to describe here in this post.

Happy cooking fitter foodies! Let me know how tasted for you.

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