Tip Tuesday: #glutenfree pancakes (vegan option)

Who is not into pancakes, I mean, really? you can eat pancakes for breakfast or dessert, well actually you can eat pancakes all day! That brings to tip Tuesday #glutenfree pancakes, anyone? I used to have a tradition to have pancakes every Sunday, that tradition went to almost every second day or week. I love to add some sunny side eggs and bacon to the mix.

If you are vegan then you can forget about eggs and bacon and add almond, soy or rice milk instead of the 3 egg from the ingredients.


3 ripe bananas

3 eggs

3 Tsp. Coconut flour

Baking soda (optional)

Coconut sugar (optional)

Add all ingredients in your mixer, preheat your pan and add some coconut oil or raw butter to it. Pour the dough to the hot plate and add your favorite berries, blueberries work perfectly. If you like chocolate you can add to the mix raw cacao.

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The benefits of having gluten free pancakes are; no bloated belly after eating the flour, you get the protein from the eggs and fat from the coconut oil. When you add gluten free diet to your intakes it will accelerate those six packs that you are waiting for after hundreds of sit-ups and leg raises not to say crunches. Release your headaches and back pain if you have chronic or time to time, will be out of the scene. You get the idea. Gluten free means flat belly and healthy digestive system. Plus better mood and energy.

More benefits that you can get from gluten free pancakes would be that they will not mess with your fat loss project and will add the nutrients to your meal. It is unbelievable tasty and satisfying after your workout. Remember, you do not need to be gluten free intolerant to enjoy the benefits of the recipe. It could be a matter of fitness goals if you want to be shredded and healthy and keep it real.

Old school diets will give you only chicken and tuna recipes to keep your fitness goals on track, but we are in the new era where you can balance carbs and include extra good fat to the equation.

This recipe is super easy, tasty and nutritious, that is why I thought to share it on the tip tuesday today, let me know how you prepare it?

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