Ways to handle your food cravings

Well let’s talk about food and cravings. We all have food cravings at some point, right?

I remember I always had cravings when I was a teen and when I was emotional unbalanced. I still do. Reason why I want to educate myself more and more about the stages of life and how important is nutrition for the health and fitness journey.

When I read that Robb Wolf’s new book Wired to Eat will be out, I put myself in the waiting list for the book. I was waiting for the good stuff to read since part of the title is: TURN OFF CRAVINGS. I got the book and well I am still reading it, it has around 400 pages, 4 times a week I read it for 45mins on my way to work, hopefully I’ll finish it and finally implementing the workbook when I am at the Mexican Caribbean beaches visiting family.


I have to say by own experience, when I eat wheat or sugar to minimize cravings, guess what? it has a sporadic effect of satisfaction. When I eat carbohydrates in form of green vegetables, my cravings cease. Now, because the culture of hyper palate experience, unhealthy habits can takeover. Instead to panic try to breathe and observe as much as you can what is going on, remember you have the power.

If you haven’t noticed, our modern lifestyle promotes food cravings, I believe that it all starts with who we are (genes) and how much we know ourselves. Yes, I believe that food cravings have a powerful source that is not only based in the outside, in the perifhery, but how we are able to take power over habits and decisions.

So, yes, the bacteria that lives in our gut, the unbalanced nutrition, the all day emotions in a regular basis; influence the way we crave food.


Bacteria in the gut is wise, it operates to survive and to keep the body wanting to eat food that will make the bacteria survive.


Nutrition imbalance will totally make us to crave for food until this imbalance is restore. If we keep eating unhealthy, it becomes a cycle.


When we suffer from emotional or physical pain, endorphins are released. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that allow us to deal with that pain and continue moving forward. Some drugs actually work along this pathway. Morphine is one that elicits a strong response from our endorphins. Food can have a similar effect as morphine and help numb the pain of a tough day.-Kevin Cann

I agree totally with this, I believe more about the lack of proper emotional management brings physical and/or mental illnesses and addictions.


 Sleep in a dark and cool room

Discover how you cope with stress

Spend time looking to the sun

Eat an egg

Eat healthy fats

Eat green vegetables

Drink water

Eat mindfully

Remember: Every time you feel you crave some food, no matter if salty, sugary, fatty, all point out to that there is something missing. Check out your food intakes, your stress level and do not take health for granted. Apply this simple ways and you will see how you turn it back to your power.

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