Weight Loss: The secret

December, the last month of the year has arrived and everybody at least has one wish or goal to reach for the new year regarding fitness, nutrition…loosing what was eaten with the social approval of the “holidays” (including me…lol) Weight loss is the trend word during the first month of the year and people is getting ready to drop extra weight from pigging around christmas and new year’s parties.

It is amazing how much info is on the net, some are the real deal and some are just marketing… your call. Weight loss is sold in books, workouts programs, drinks, food, hot suits, cold showers; you name it.


But weight loss is not only about looking skinny from the outside but been and feeling skinny in the inside also.  Most people want an effective and easy plan to follow. They are ready to pay a lot for the plan or product in order to get fast and consistent results. Well, the magic pill exist if you know how to follow the laws, the universal laws 😉

THE SECRET to drop extra kilos and stay skinny healthily ever after is more easy than you might think. Just develop and/or follow the next skills and you will not have to worry anymore about the weight scale…

1) Energy Balance

Number one rule and formula. Eat less than you burn, everyone might know this but the key here is to have smart and great quality intakes. It makes it easier to burn out the calories in a healthy way.


2) Have a plan

That means, have always your fridge cover with your protein & veggies and; prepare your delicious quick lunch box to take to work or school or travel. Make wise choices at the Restaurants. Yeah, we are here to enjoy the ride in evolving as a human been! That means we can make healthier choices, eat clean and go dirty just not to go insane.


3) Keep a Diary: Pre & during your diet

Writing down what you eat it will be helpful to know more about your eating habits and also finding out how much influence your social life has on what and how you eat and drink. And it allows you to make adjustments according to your goals.


4) Train Smart: do multiple muscles workouts

That means integrate the whole body in an exercise, you can choose from your strength training plan, clean and squat, squat and press, snatch, clean and press, swings; just to mention some and;… the best of all is that you can finish your workout in a short period of time, meaning around 15 minutes…more less. If you are one of those who enjoy community and big spaces, visit the biggest box in town.


5) Avoid eating at least 3 hours before going to bed

Studies mention that help with hormone restoration, besides you give your body the time to detox and nourish itself. That means more time for the body to burn out calories 😉

So, secret revealed. Weight loss is about knowing yourself, your eating and social habits. Follow and develop these skills and write me a note after experimenting the whole process. Keep these and you will keep your weight in control.


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