What is a Flexitarian diet?

Have you heard of people who adopt diets not anymore because of their looks but because they want to make the world a better place? More and more people since early age, teen age are adopting Vegetarianism or Vegan as a form to help the world be a better place, yes that is right! I want to give credit to this line of thought instead of guessing that their decision resides in a trend.

For those who want to contribute to a greater cause but want to keep it easy and healthy in the way their nourish their bodies, they are adopting a Flexitarian diet as a way to suit their social, physical and environmental needs.


A Flexitarian diet is basically a diet based on vegetables, fruits and diary, adding time to time some meat.

I believe Flexitarian diet now days is way more effective to a demanding life. In my opinion Flexitarian diet gets all the great benefits of what vegetables offer in a way that help to balance the body nutrition needs. The more our life gets stressed the more we need to eat our veggies; stress makes our nervous system over work, it creates inflammation. Our Inmune system goes down, we are most of the time overworked, sore, emotional overwhelmed unless we are living in the countryside. So yeah, a plant-based diet with intermittent meat eating.

Flexitarian diet got popular when a book about it came up in the early 2000’s and mostly was about weight loss and not about animal or environmental consciousness. I know, I know, shallow hall had to come first haha. I believe still this is a great diet for those who need more greens in their diet.


Because is like eating clean 90/10, don’t take me wrong, I am not comparing 90 percent healthy food and 10 percent processed food, with 90 percent plant-based food and 10 percent meat. What I mean is to take the more healthy food as much as possible and let the resting percent to feel free in your mind that everything is fine and balance.

I could be a lil bit holistic here and maybe bring some thought about the meat; it will always have the animal stress factor to be killed, no matter how free and grassed fed that animal is, at the end of his/her life, the stress of dying will be in the animal meat. And, those toxics go into your system making meat eater more aggressive than non meat eaters. But that is another topic to post about.

If we only need 50g protein more less, maybe more for the athletes. We have to remind ourselves that we can get it from seeds, nuts, lentils, eggs and superfoods supplements like AFA algaes.

Performing our favorite sport or looking to be in a better shape, what not have energy fuel from healthy carbs, those which would have more nutrition that others.


Well you can start with choosing one meatless day, like a do with meatless Monday. And see how does it feel not to have habitual eggs with steak or bacon for breakfast but go for a porridge or smoothie bowl with of course hemp or maca protein.

 If you feel comfortable with one day, then move one with 2 days. A way to fine out is to record and have by your hand a food log, you can print one from me here


Animal Wellfare I grew up in a Tex-Mex culture where cattle is daily food in the table. I grew up where I had sheep pets that would become my food and I helped my mom clean their intestines and eat their brain in a taco. Thinking about it does not make me feel guilty or judgetamental becuase I can see how it is. But not because it is what it is I am not going not do to something about it. If not eating for one day I will contribute to avoid cow getting used to produce meat then I will not eat for a day, or two or as much I can do. Thanks to social media videos are exposed with images. Images say a lot but not all the story.

Environment When food industry goes overboard and starts to using more space to produce meat then we have to balance it back. Not all is about meat, not all is about bacon.

My holistic health One think I always listened to the last cry of that sheep that became my meat. This makes me think about the stress put into that meat that I would rather avoid more and more as much I could to bring more toxins instead of nutrients to my body.


Go local, go seasonal and go sustainable.

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