What is clean eating, anyway?

Last year I engaged a vigorous exchange of ideas aka discussion, when I hashtaged one of my meals on my private facebook account. After posting it, someone comment that hashtagging the meal as clean eating was bullsh*t.


The main reason for me to hashtag a picture is to express how I feel or from where I come from. Clean eating is just a way to describe that the dish was local, organic, fresh and non modified food. I understand sometimes trendy concepts might look like foodporn in terms of making money purposes. This was not the case. As it is not the case of assuming that green smoothies can be called only smoothies. I tell you this because I often been asked about smoothies assuming would be water or fruit juice base instead of milk base. These words and concepts can get very popular in the food or fitness industry that sometimes it start to build a negative or prejudiced image. Let’s not allow that influence in what can do good for our health and fitness.


If you are looking for the secret to Live Healthily Ever After here are some lines to follow up when you want to go this way and you are looking for a reason to turn to the clean eating light side. Clean eating just like vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, paleo, low card is a lifestyle, a way of living. It is something you believe in and it has its purposes; health, beauty or performance.


WANT TO EAT CLEAN? Then check the following list:


  • Natural state food, it means keep it as organic as possible, grow your own veggies and fruits in your balcony or garden, if you have the possibility but if you have a busy schedule, go to the local farmers market, there; you will not only know where your food comes from, you can also make friends with the one doing the work for you in order to nourish your body.
  • Protein and veggies, how simple is that? Chose a variety of what farmers or food store offer.
  • Love sweets? Chose honey instead of white or brown sugar.
  • Want to get even better water? Drink alkaline water.
  • Ditch processed food.
  • One of the lines from clean eating is to eat small quantities about 5 to 6 times during the day, if your lifestyle gives you the possibility to prepare your food to go, of storage food for the week or you are an organized and enthusiastic about get things do, or if you are the one who love to eat every couple hours during the day, this is for you.
  • Ditch soft drinks like cola and boosters, instead pick up one from your local and seasonal juice bar, or even better do it yourself.


Remember, the whole point to implement a new habit  is to reach your goals, in Live Healthily Ever After is to be energized to perform and look fabulous inside out. So what eating clean is anyway; it is one of the doors that brings you there.

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