1:1 full service


A 6-week personalized skill-based training to unlock your body control and flexibility so you forget about nagging pains, tightness and weak spots.


You have a sport that you’re passionate about, and you make a huge effort to show up to as many training sessions as you can. But you’re frustrated with slow progress, and struggling to find a happy balance between all your commitments – work, family, friends and training.

You feel like you’re giving it your all in training, but certain movements still feel tight, and you never quite master that next skill.

You know you have the power to be more flexible and in control of your body. Peers in your sports groups who have similar routines and commitments seem to be performing much better. You find yourself thinking ‘what am I missing?’

It’s time to fully enjoy training, move to the next level in your sport, and perfect your target skills.

If you’ve had trained for a while, that’s great… BUT the truth is that all that sweat and hustle will get you zero results, if you don’t have a detailed plan, designed specifically for your sport practice, your problem areas and your goals.

strength, mobility, capoeira, training program, plan, Wien, online
strength, mobility, capoeira, training program, plan, Wien, online

Imagine an easy-to-follow, time efficient routine that would allowS you to:

Cut stress and save time for family, work commitments, sport and social life
Unlock shoulder, spine and hip flexibility
Fine tune essential flexibility and coordination
Access your body’s natural stability and balance
Become naturally intuitive to what your body actually need

Hi, I’m Angie and I’d like to help you do exactly that.

Over the past 15 years, I have been on a transformational journey that took me from stillness, learning yoga practice and meditation in it’s purest form in India, through to motion, having discovered the joys of movement and martial arts from eminent teachers around the world.

Through designing strength training for myself and for clients, I noticed that an incredible amount of time could be saved and injuries avoided, simply by adding essential movement work into your regular routine.

Today, as a strength and mobility coach based in Vienna, Austria, I provide skill-focused training with a unique combination of techniques from martial arts, meditation, strength and breath work.

After seeing the results with my in-person clients every day, I custom designed this signature course to create an accessible and simple way for you to access the benefits of my method, whenever and wherever suits you.

I’d love to help you get those results too.

strength, mobility, capoeira, training program, plan, Wien, online

My personal training method revolves around three pillars:


Build rock solid foundations in essential techniques and patterns


Save time and reach your dream movement control and skill levels


Develop a higher awareness of your own body and access its true power

What iT's like to train with me

1:1 Full service personal training

what is it included?

12 training sessions in person and/or virtual
Unlimited personal training support via WhatsApp
Tailored 6-Week personal training plan
Printable training goals planner and tracker
Strength assessment session
Mobility assessment session
Updates to your tailored plan as we progress
Access to exercise tutorial videos for extra practice

How do we get started?

Click below to be taken to the application form, where you’ll tell me a bit about your situation and requirements, and you can ask any questions you might have about the process.

Once you submit the form, and I confirm we’re a good fit, you’ll receive a reply by email, with information on investment and next steps.

Once payment is made, you’ll book our kick-off video call. A 60 minute assessment session where we’ll talk in detail about goals, your level of skills, strength and mobility, and your current exercise habits. You can tell me about your preferences and typical stumbling blocks in your past progress, so that I can custom-design your program.  

During the six weeks, you can get in touch between sessions via WhatsApp, to continuously review your progress and energy.


Not sure if the six week 1:1 service is for you? My mission is to optimize your performance through strength and motion, so I want to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact me with any questions you have. I’ll always give my honest advice.