Strength in Motion is an unconventional strength training course program where the body is challenged to use its strength, mobility and flexibility in an unusual and unexpected way. The body becomes strong and aware of any given motion possibility.

A program for those who want to take their personal practice to the next level. Expect building muscles and improving range of motion in a mindful movement practice. FRC warmup, total body strength training, playshop and nervous system cool down.

Our topics: Strength, mobility, coordination, balance and stability.

  These sessions are designed to bring your body, mind and soul into one powerful person.  

The 75-min training session is focused in strengthening the muscles and improving the range of motion. We pay attention to the joints health and we create our sessions around them. We strength train shoulders, upper back, arms, elbows and wrists, upper, middle and lower spine, abdominals, pelvic floor muscles and hips, knees and ankles.

We take good use of props as yoga blocks, straps, sticks, tennis balls, resistance bands and body as tools.

The sessions will be dynamic in a form of a flow and will be static in a form of traditional bodyweight training.

The registration just open for this semester and it is limited.

So book your spot NOW!


JULY 10h to SEPTEMBER 11th

Every Friday 18:30h


75 mins


100€ monthly/ 20€ single class


IMHERE Vienna, Austria



To reserve a PT or join the GROUP send me an email or book me direct via my contact form. Do not hesitate to contact me thru my contact box as well. I am looking forward to meet you.