Interview with Keto coach: Richard Staudner

I met Richie 5 years ago when he opened a Crossfit box in the heart of Vienna. The same day when I met The Master of Sports Gregor and Tadja Sobocan. Since then we have been around the road of fitness and healthy living. training time to time some cleans and rings together. Richie has an eye for business and loves to be active, that is why back in the days he left his office job in Marketing for a fitness job.

Richie, 135 days ago you decided to go into an specific diet, then you made a bet that you would drop to 10% body fat.

Richard Staudner interview with Angie Fliehser

|Why did you decide to make the challenge and why ketogenic diet?|

In the last years a trained CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and MMA daily with very high intensity, then I wanted to try something new and one year ago I started to train much more gymnastic and natural movements. But my weight was always around 105kg. So to skin the cat, which I perform well, was limited by my body weight. So I chose to start an extreme diet, I was already on a clean lifestyle, it had to be something new. Something very effective, actually I just wanted to do 3 months of Ketogenic Diet and consume less than 5% Carbohydrates starting the 1st. of  January, but at the beginning of Februar, Austrian Strongest man Nemo Tasic and I had an intensive discussion. He was thinking, that it is impossible to lose 10% body fat in 100 days. So we made a bet.

|Describe us your typical meals before the challenge|

Normally I do my version of Paleo. So I eat meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, lettuces, fruits, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. I add some gluten free carbs like Quinoa or Buckwheat also Superfoods like cacao & Goji berries. For me it is normal to dry food, drink every morning a fresh vegetable juice. I produce self-made cookies or muffins from almonds and buckwheat. In my normal lifestyle, processed food, normal wheat, sugar, candy and lemonade have no place, I love to cook, it relaxes me and gives me a good feeling. So, it is not exhausting for me, It gives me more and I am much happier when I buy a new juicer or a bigger fridge than a new car.


|What was your typical training program before the challenge?|

Before the challenge I had normally every day a session of functional strength training in a lower rep area, gymnastics and MMA, boxing or grappling training  I never do endurance, my air comes from sparring.


So a typical training could be:

Warm up with movements on the ground

Do a technical training on gymnastic rings

Do lower or upper body strength training with bulgarian split squats or rope climbs and muscle ups

A lot of stability training for the small muscles

Or if I do Martial Arts, the technical training on pads, in grappling on ground and often intensive sparring up to 60min just because I love it.


|What was your support workout training program to reach your fat loss goal?|

HIIT Training and Intervall Methode mixed with crazy things, high rep blocks etc.
So a typical interval program could be:
– 20min on the rower: 8sec max effort / 12 Sec slow
– 20min reverse Tabata on the air dyne, I bought an assault bike for home, because of the diet and the bet
– Crazy things like 3 weeks doing every day 500 KB swings, 100 burpees or 300 push ups. I did that until it got boring, then I switched to another exercise. By the way, this was additional to my normal training.


|What was the worst moment of the whole 100 days? Glory moments?|

glorious moment was in January when I was 2 or 3 weeks in keto diet and I was fighting in a grappling tournament. My opponents had around 10-15kg more than me and I was around 4000 Calories. Between exhaustive fights my snack was instead of bananas and protein bars, only 4 Brazil nuts. My energy level was great and I won the gold.

I loved all of these small moments when someone says thank you for inspiring him or when I go on the street and someone says “hey ket-men” go on!! That was a strong feeling. It was just a bet between friends and it found its way to the internet and got viral.

Last but not least, when I heard the result of the last body fat check from my therapist, it was awesome because I wasn’t sure, weeks before I was too fat and I was not sure if I would win the bet (challenge).


|Would you do it again?|

A 100-Day Challenge? Yes, but not with nutrition. There is no need for, I would start something different; I go back to my diet and my lifestyle, I eat clean and just hold my intake under control to stay under 10% body fat.


|Strong, shredded or flex?|

The priority for me in the next years is flexible, strong, shredded. It is possible to change everything, whenever you want! No excuse. I am very strong, e.g. 200kg front squat, but flexibility is bad. Split? No way. So I train what I am not able to do at the moment.


|Keto for women?|

It’s a good idea! But it always depends on the target. There are many ways to come to Rom. I would do it again for a short period of time to make my body more sensible. From the ketogenic diet I learned how to deal with the amount of food I need and the effect of what we eat.

And also all of my blood values were going better after 6 Weeks of Ketogenic diet. From a very good level with an awesome. So yes for healthy there is a big reason why you should do it. And the great thingis, if you do Ketogenic diet and reduce calories just around 500 calories and you train wellthen you will lose fat and you are never hungry because of the high fat intake you feel always sated. With a high curb diet, this felling normally you don’t have.


|Where to reach you for nutrition and/or training coaching?|

I focused on very individual personal training and nutrition coaching. Because everybody is unique, so we have to analyze first and then plan and execute. We have to consider the special needs and habits, no copy/past coaching.
Anybody who is interested in my program can write me an email to or call me at 069910102005. First consultation is for free.



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