Interview with Ido Portal closest movement tribe member: Odelia Goldschmidt

Odelia Goldschmidt is part of Ido Portal’s movement tribe. She travels around the world to teach movement offering different seminars, workshops and camps. The Corset, Movement X, Movement Camp, Locomotion are focus on body movement, just think of gymnastics, capoeira, acrobatics, dance, martial arts all combined and I getting short on giving you a picture of what Odelia shares to the movement culture community.

Movement Culture represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving us away from main culprits in movement and fitness as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance and art.-Ido Portal

Odelia Goldschmidt with 11.1k instagram followers in less than a year, she is known for her amazing teachings. I finally got to meet her in person at The Corset Workshop here in Vienna last May. After hearing about her amazing movement practice from my Husband and Ido himself when I interviewed him 2 years ago. She is quite to the point. We tried to get together in between lunch breaks and even we tried to do the interview at dinner but we were to hungry to think straight besides food. So we had to do it when she flew to Berlin. Odel, as everybody calls her, lives between Tel Aviv and Berlin. She works all year long teaching movement around the world. Here are some quick questions she answered to the readers from Live Healthily Ever After.

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Photo credits: Odelia Goldschmidt and Ido Portal.

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What made you decide to become a mover? 

I would say I decided to become a mover when I look back every choice I made always led me in that direction. I was always oriented towards movement. 


Tell us how all this movement process started? 

Like I said movement it was always the direction I chose to follow and it led me to the world of Capoeira and after few years I met Ido.


How has been the journey during the years integrating your daily movement practice to other areas of your life? 

This is the main thing in my life – this is my life, so everything else just unfolds around it. All the choices I make and the sacrifices I take are related directly to this.


What kind of spiritual practice do you follow? 

I’m not a very spiritual person. Lately I’ve been playing with different breathing techniques and meditation.


I read on your old blog that weight training was your rehab protocol after your accident. Would you like to share some thought about that? 

After my accident I couldn’t walk for a few weeks. It’s pretty amazing to see how fast your muscles atrophy when you don’t move. I felt like a wet noodle, and this was a feeling I never want to experience again. So yes, strength work for me is first and foremost a shield that protects my body.


How important is for you nutrition? 

It’s very important for me. What I eat and how I recover has a direct effect on my productivity, energy levels and performance.

What are your goals as a teacher? What you want to share with the world? 

I’m always learning. this is one of many things I’ve learned from Ido. A good teacher is first always a student.


People who has inspired you as a whole, human, teacher, artist? 

There are many, but I would like to mention a very special woman name –Pascale Bercovitch, who I had the pleasure to work with in person. she’s a paralympic athlete that will represent Israel in the Rio olympic games.


New projects 

Some things that cannot really be defined yet (:

Fav meal 

Scrambled eggs

Fav drink 

Fresh coconut water

Fav place 

Great wall of China


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