Kundalini Yoga and Music: Interview with Grecco Buratto

Born and raised in Brasil, Grecco Buratto moved to L.A. to attend his studies at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Working as a professional musician since late 90’s he toured, recorded and performed with Shakira, k.d. lang , Enrique Iglesias, Sergio Mendes (black eyed peas), Pink and many others. First time I saw Grecco was on stage with my first and favorite yoga teacher in our Teacher Training Course in L. A. back in 2009. I remember clearly feeling the heart and soul of adding music to our Kundalini Yoga practice. So I got hold on him to share with us his journey been a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Professional Musician:
Tell us how you started to practice kundalini yoga and what made you decide to become a teacher?
…all of us are teachers in our capacity…
I started my practice in 2008. I attended a couple classes with Guru Singh and had a experience I couldn’t deny. I was going on tour with k.d. lang and decided to begin a 40 day sadhana to see what it would happen and I’m still doing it.
I signed up for the Teacher Training Course in order to get deeper into the practice. It felt like a natural step at the time. I didn’t intend to teach when I started out but the more I practice and teach, the more I realize there’s the learn and that all of us are teachers in our capacity and we don’t necessarily need to be in a classroom environment to do so.


I function a lot better and am able to deal with the situations, circumstances and lessons in my life with more clarity, patience and neutrality.
How has been the journey during the years integrating your daily practice to your professional life?
It’s been quite a journey. An exercise in discipline, patience and self-forgiveness. I realized 6 months into my practice that this was a lifetime commitment. I’ve had ups and downs, periods of intense focus and periods of barely making it but no matter what was happening I still sat down at the beginning of my day and “tuned in” to my higher self. And to me the difference has always been noticeable. That’s what keeps me doing it. I function a lot better and am able to deal with the situations, circumstances and lessons in my life with more clarity, patience and neutrality.
I believe there’s a point where the new habits become a default and you come back to them as your natural state of being.-Grecco Buratto


Do you meditate before going on stage or recording your album?
When I’m out playing and singing my own music I feel I need to in order to connect to that Divine teacher we all have inside of us so that I can connect to those who came to hear the music.
During the recording sessions for my album I definitely meditated a lot, took a lot of classes and kept a strong sadhana. There were a lot of challenges and lessons to be learned throughout that process and I think the technology of Kundalini Yoga played a great part in helping manifesting the project.
When I’m accompanying other artists, sometimes I meditate before going on stage whenever I feel the need to silence the mental noise and focus the brain on the performance. That being said, playing music is also a form of yoga, a form of meditation.

Do you have the same feeling or thoughts when you play together with Guru Singh than when you play with popular artists like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Pink?
Ideally I’m not having many thoughts while I play except for those related to the action of playing my instrument.
All these different scenarios have their particular characteristics, lessons and rewards. Again, I do my best to keep a neutral mind and be present to what’s happening.


Do you practice any sport besides yoga?
I do not practice any sport on a regular basis but whenever I’m on the road, I go to the gym, do some cardio workout and lift weights.
How important is for you your nutrition? 
Nutrition is essential to me. It’s the fuel on which my system runs.
How do you promote a healthy lifestyle in your environment living in L.A.?
I do my sadhana, I eat healthy, mostly vegan nowadays, I shop at The Farmers Market whenever possible as well as well as organic.
I find Los Angeles to be a great place to practice this lifestyle.  There’s a big community of people on the path of awareness and conscious living.
What are your goals as a teacher? What you want to share with the world?
I never quite thought of that … I think if there’s one thing I’d like to share is that with it’s possible to achieve your dreams.
People who has inspired you as a whole, human, teacher, artist?
So many … my teacher of physics on the last year of high school who has become the first ordained Lama in Brazil. His name is Lama Padma Samten.
k.d. lang, whom I’ve worked with on tour and in the studio and with whom I’ve share a beautiful connection from the minute we met.
Guru Singh. Paramahansa Yoganandya Ji and his teachers.
I feel inspired by people who are authentic to their art, their self and their dreams and will devote themselves completely to realizing their vision. That applies to all fields of study and professions.
“The older I get the wiser my father becomes” –  is a saying I’ve grown quite fond of lately.
New projects
I’m busy until January with a few different tours. After that I’d like to start working on a new album. I have a couple of different ideas in mind. We’ll see.
I want to continue to grow as a teacher and as an artist. And for that I need to get out there and keep doing it.
Fav meal
A home cooked meal where love and care are the main ingredients.
Fav drink
Cold pressed juice, an Almond Milk, Banana, Kale, Blueberry, Agave, Cinnamon and Turmeric smoothie.
Fav place
It varies… these days I love being at home, in Los Angeles.
Born and raised in Brasil, Grecco Buratto moved to L.A. not only to attend his musician studies but to find his spiritual journey having Music and Kundalini Yoga by his side I bet its a great journey. To know more about Grecco check out his webpage, twitter and facebook fanpage or youtube channel.

Photos credit: Grecco’s facebook page.

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