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Back in the days at my home country I did not practice any sort of sports or movement. I met movement and sports at a very late age, when I met my hubby just 5 years ago. Before that I managed my free time between my french classes at the Alliance Francaise and my Hatha Yoga practice. After that the connection I felt with my body was so obvious that I wanted to know more about meditation. I was not the kind of girl that would dance openly or would take some martial arts classes with strangers. Yoga was my way to every thing else! When I found Ju on her beautiful yoga blog. I knew what she was talking about; I recognized the feeling and the age stage. I had to get to know her and ask her few questions about what means to be a yogi, to be a graphic designer and to be a yoga blogger.

Meet Ju from JUYOGI.COM



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Tell us about yourself

My name is Ju (well actually Julia, but no one really calls me that) I’m a 23 year old yogi from Graz / Austria. I started Yoga about two years ago and after the first three weeks or so I knew I wanted to write about my new passion!

So I started JuYogi in summer 2014 just for fun, and now it’s my life actually. I love writing, I love yoga, and I love my job as a graphic designer – therefore I just found the perfect playground for me: my very own Yoga blog. I’ve met so many amazing people on my journey, have traveled a lot and visited yoga studios all around the world, have attended amazing workshops with great yogis and now I’m giving this interview. So, yeah, I have to say I really like how this is becoming!


When you found out you wanted to be a graphic designer?

Actually that was nothing I planned or always wanted. I’ve always be creative, I’ve always loved to paint and draw and after school I decided that I wanna study art or graphic design.

Well, I was not able to use any computer programms back then because I haven’t learned them. I just knew I’m good in analog arts. So ya, I tried it and during my bachelors programme I,ve learned so much that I decided to be a freelance designer and started that 2014 during my Masters programmme.


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When did you decide that you wanted to be a Yoga blogger?

Haha, that’s kinda funny because I started my Blog just at the same time as I got self employed.

It was in Summer 2014 where I started Yoga and knew I had to write about my new passion because I’ve never felt happier in my life and wanted to share my enthusiasm!!


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Are you an early bird?

Well, yes and no. Yes – I get up pretty early in the Morning, but no – I’m not the typical early bird person! 😉

I really need some me-time in the morning to get going. I’d rather say I’m a disciplined person than an early bird. I get up pretty early in order to have more time during the day. Everyday there are so many amazing tasks waiting for me, so there’s no time to sleep very long!

Apart from the weekend! Weekend is weekend and then I sleep as long as I can!

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What is your biggest dream? What is your biggest fear?

Biggest dream: to be successful in what I love to do so I don’t have to do something I don’t like to do. And with successful I don’t mean to earn a lot of money, but to achieve everything I hope for and be truely happy in what I’m doing!

Biggest fear: to loose my dream. I’m not really afraid of my future because you never know what’s going to happen. But I hope I’ll always have a dream to work for!


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Weirdest moment on your travels? 

Weirdest moments, let me think. I mean there have been some quite fun ones but they weren’t really weird.

Well, apart from this dinner situation in Croatia. I was on vacation with my brother and her girlfriend in a small Croatian island in a nice little apartment. The housekeeper and her husband didn’t speak a word english or german so we communicated with hands and feet. Well, she asked, if we’d like to have dinner with her „sutra“ – and for us, sutra meant „tomorrow“. So we wanted to go out for some drinks this night and were kinda overdressed for this little town, and as we went down the stairs we saw that she and her husband have been waiting for us to start eating. Well, we figured out, that „sutra“ meant „later“, and not „tomorrow“.

Okay, so we sat down for dinner in our „night outfits“ and the weird thing was, that they talked to us in Croatian aaall the time and we didn’t understand a single word. So we sat, ate and drunk wine and the later the evening got, the funnier it went. We just talked about everything, but nobody understood what the other one was actually talking about. But – we had a nice time and it was such a funny memory!


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Sweet or bitter? 


Definitely sweet! 😀


How you take stress, honestly? 

Honestly: I think I could relax a little more than I do now! 😉 but Yoga really helped me to listen to my body and to calm down when it’s too much. Yoga is such a great tool to bring more peace into your everyday life!

In stressfull situations I try to focus in what’s really important (not what you THINK what’s important, but what’s REALLY important!) let go off everything else, focus on my breath and be in this very moment.


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How your yoga practice looks like weekly?

I try to go to my studio twice a week. Plus I have two classes myself where I “practice” Yoga as a teacher. At the moment I’m in love with Budokon, but in general I love Vinyasa! Especially with music!


How important is mindset for you?

I read your mantras every Monday! from where you get inspired?

I get inspired from my everyday life actually. At the beginning of the week I look back what has happened last week and I reflect everything once again. Then I make up my mind how this week could start and what Motivation and Inspiration I want to set.

So, it’s not just a motivation for my readers, but also a great way for me to listen to myself and reflect my behaviour!


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Which persons have inspired you?

Oh wow, where should I start?

Actually, there are so many people, that inspired me. Yoga teachers, bloggers, designers and friends. I get inspired everyday and try to make the best out of every situatuon.

When I have to tell you a few I’d definitely say my Yoga teachers Nicki from YOGALIFE ( and Jang-Ho from NowYoga ( Nicki always supported me and made me to the Yoga teacher I am now.

But also my boyfriend and my mom have always be motivating and inspiring for me.


Fav recipe?

Vegan pad thai kinda thing.

Just some glass noodles, veggies, peanuts and lemon! So simple and so good!




What is the most difficult part from blogging?

The time!

I could write aaaaall day long and spend hours with taking pictures because I just love doing it!

But I just have to realize that I also have a “real life” and can’t sit in front of the blog all day long! 😛


Do you use a blogger planners? are you a planning freak? 

Not really. More and more I try to plan it. But to be honest: this plan is just in my head.

I’m really not a planning freak, actually I’m quite the opposite! I’m very spontanious and most of the time I write the articles the day they’re published.


What is the best part of been a blogger?

The best part for me is that I can be creative and write about everything that’s on my mind. There’s nobody who tells me how my design should look like – therefore I can invent myself everyday new again. And if there’s something on my mind I can reflect it and write about it. For me that’s a wonderful thing!


If you haven’t met Ju’s Juyogi yoga blog you can connect with her thru her social media: IG, FB, Pinterest & YouTube. You will fall in love with what she shares: Yoga practice, vegan food recipes, travel adventures and much more!

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