Kinstretch Masterclass Vienna by Bea Vidal

— A one day event —

After long waiting for the pandemic time to end and from the Spanish and Austrian government to update us about the contact sports status.

We are happy to announce that we can pick up on our MASTERCLASS with Bea Vidal.


Time : 12:30h – 14:30h

Prices: 35€ / Day of the event 40€

Address: Crossfit Vienna The Starship T-Center Rennweg 97-99 1030 Vienna

– Description –

Kinstretch joint strength training pretends to develop on the athletes maximum body control, flexibility and usable range of motion.
We want to give you the way you can prevent injuries and become more
efficient in your movements.
Learn how to improve your shoulder flexion in order to be comfortable with you snatch or any press.
Teach your hip how to rotate in order yo be able to squat without pain.
These and more prerequisites will be taught in order to make your trainings more fun and useful.

When you have joint optimization, you have control of your movements. You become captable of create, explore different movements. With the barebell, rings, floor, pole, bat, kicks, rackets, skiis, surf/ skate board, you name it.

All levels are welcome to the masterclass and get benefit from it.

– Bio –

Beatriz Vidal born and raised in Spain is founder of Qi Movement. Beatriz has a degree in Sports Science since 2014. She started to be curious about how the human body works. Beatriz has travelled around Europe and USA in order to get more knowledge about the Functional Range System (FRs) and the evidence based behind it,
She has been working with diverse athletes in the past years with great success in their performance, avoiding getting injured again.She truly believes that when doing things right, everything else comes along. Every one deserves to understand how the body works and how to become super capable humans.

To learn more about Bea Vidal visit her website



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