hip mobility for sports

Hip Mobility for Active Sport lovers


You feel tension around your hips. 

Suddenly you notice restriction when you practice the SKILL YOU WANT TO UNLOCK. This tightness in the hips are not helping and you feel frustrated, roll your eyes, and practice again with no understanding of this restriction.

You buy yourself a foam roller to feel looser, at least for that moment. And use the runner stretch because it feels good.

Don’t you want to do something about this tightness, go beyond your current level and be able to unlock the skill?

Whether is mastering a comfortable split, control  or learn the drop back, back walkover or thoracic bridge. Solving the hips tightness means you will improve in unlocking the skill.

Find the 2 exercises you can implement to work on your hips in my instagram feed.

If you are ready to conquer that SKILL you are thinking 💭 about for long. Book a free training discovery call and start unlocking the skill! 

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