When I think of my former lifestyle, I think of pretty much low energy…

I remember having a sedentary life since I was a kid…coming from a hot place as the north of Mexico, we had to stay pretty much in the shadow to protect ourselves from the intense sun, I remember I had to play inside home and if I did some outdoor activity it was always for short period of time.
I always blamed the hot weather & strong sun that I was lounging around the couch and feeling so lazy. I spent most of the time watching television or behind the books.

I remember my grandmother cooking for me a big breakfast because she said I must have lot of energy for my studies at school, that is why I always got an amazing meal, for sure she made it with much love; I had daily 2 eggs with sausage, fresh-made flour tortillas, guacamole and,… I would get always a banana/milk shake with white sugar for drink.

Funny I remember naturally not liking fruits or any kind of sweet, that changed pretty much when I met mr. lucky charms, a gift from my uncle who lives in the States, omg,  that became an addiction even when I grew up I always looked to buy this cereal and ate it not only for breakfast but for snack as well.

As student, I added pizza and pasta to my tacos and cola teenage diet. This continued in my professional life, I remember that having comfort food was my way to deal with stress, any kind of stress, personal & professional.

Even though I had valuable tools that help me to detox my mind and kept me sane; fitness and nutrition were missing. Been active was missing.

I started to experiment myself thru meditation and yoga. I felt very connected to myself and  to others. This experience really made a shift on the way I perceive life.  I begin to choose a healthier living and suddenly I was in a new country, in a new relationship and in a new me.

When I moved to Austria everything changed, my way of living was totally different.

First I had to experiment walking long distances in the cold winter & in the hot summer.

Second, everything stocked in plastic bags & canned were out of my life. Fresh, local & organic food were my new buddies.

Third, it was fitness and yoga, …I started to practice and train 2 times a day, I remember my hubby booking me to every class he gave to his clients, either ashtanga yoga practice or kettlebell training.

From here on, I just felt in love with this way of living, so much less but so much more.



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