Recipe: Vegan Mango Lassi

So long I have not share a recipe, so here is one. I guess the fact that I am not a cook, when I cook I do it really raw, nothing styling or fancy like the lifestyle bloggers. True is I have no time or patience for it, I am one of those persons that when I eat it is because I am hungry and I cannot wait to set up a food styling scenario for you guys. But I am for sure giving you my favorite meals I would eat always beside tacos. Mango is my favorite fruit, I cannot get enough if it but here in Vienna is not wise to get them since they fly all over the world to the viennese food shops. Since I was in Mexico I could get easily Mangos from the country. So I had plenty of mango green smoothies, mangos alone and I made delicious vegan mango lassi for my family and me.



All you need is a mango, a coconut yogurt, 1 or 2 cups of almond milk, handful walnuts and half avocado.


A blender, a knife to cut the mango and the avocado, and a spoon to pur the coconut yogurt to the blender.

How to:

Mix all ingredients together and you can add ice cubes to the mix if you like it cold.

Hope you enjoy the vegan mango lassi recipe as much as I do, even when I am not in tropical countries.



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