Recipe: meatless tacos

I feel in my element when I use the word: tacos. I know my way I prepare tacos has evolved. I can eat meatless lettuce tacos or corn tortilla tacos. This recipe is focus in having all the nutrients and vitamins for the body whilst the need to reset it.

I always try to have the more simple and healthy way possible. Even though in the last year I have been more flexible with my nutrition, I know what healthy is and what would do good and empower my body and mood.

Since budget play an important factor I try lo make the best of the shopping. I always choose local, fresh and on season. When it is not then I look to be from a accountable source in the organic food products.

Low carb tacos is always a very easy and healthy way to treat your body, yo will never go wrong with this recipe even when is meatless.



4 lettuce leaves

1 smashed avocado

1 quinoa cup

½ eggplant sliced

Spread the guacamole in the leaves, cook the quinoa in 2 cups cold water to boiling. until water is evaporated and quinoa is ready. Add all ingredients.

Make this recipe at any time, picnic, at home, for work lunch, let this meal to reset your body.

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