— A one day event —


23 February 2019: UPPER BODY

2 March 2019: CORE

9 March 2019: LOWER BODY

Time : 14h – 17h

Prices: 3 hours 45€


Ashtanga Yoga Linz // Yogastore Linz

Hauptplatz 4
Eingang links im Durchgang zum Hof

– Workshops description –

The body strength is the most amazing energy we all humans have. We can lift a car in a moment of emotional charge, the nervous system reacts to the external challenges but the body is the master of saving energy. Reason why we will train the body to use its strength for unexpected moments and movement practices. Yoga practitioners will benefit from this training, they will balance out flexibility and build strength.

STRENGTH IN MOTION is an unconventional strength training workshop with a series format where each section is specialised in the major muscle groups: Upper body, core and lower body.

Each workshop has 3 sections: One is finding the strength, two is relearning to build body strength and the last section is about applying what was learned.

– Angie In Motion Bio –

Angie was born and raised in the north of Mexico, since very early age she was trained to live mindfully. After her bachelor in International Relations she started to practice meditation and soon met Dalai Lama. Her passion for human behaviour drove her to look for answers in different styles of meditation and yoga. It was not until she traveled to India when her whole life shifted. Angie has evolved from practicing and receiving teaching trainings in Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. She is specialist in hard style Russian Kettlebells and a certified Strength coach. Her recent research on human movement has guided her to learn from teachers and coaches in Yoga, Fitness and Movement. Her daily movement practice is guided by Jon Yuen and her mobility training is Kinstretch by Hunter Hook. Angie has trained before with Yuval Ayalon, Ido Portal and Manju Jois to mention some. In her free time you will find her working in movement skills, writing about it and sharing her training on social media.

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