Use your STRENGTH.-  is a tailored 12-WEEK program for those yoginis who want to improve their strength. Main focus is strengthen the basic human movements and it is designed to develop the Pull, the Press, the Squat,  the Hinge, and the Locomotion movements that you need in daily practice and overall functional living. Expect improvement in your arm balances, twists, inversions and backbends.

Areas we focus on: 

Upper body: chest, back, arms muscles

Core: combination of midsection, upper and lower body muscles

Lower body: front and back legs as well as glutes and calves

Week 1: Finding your strength level. This section is about finding your strength level and locating your areas of improvement. We will learn form and technical movement.

 Week 2: Foundation. We will focus on the foundation of a strength training routine. We will learn foundation human movements according to strength training. Push, pull, squat, hinge and carry are a must to develop strength in keep flexibility.

Week 3: Vertical press. This week is dedicated in building the vertical push that will help in your handstand practice. Expect overhead presses in variations.

Week 4: Horizontal press. We will bring to the next level your Chaturanga, we will use different drills to build from every part of the upper body strength for your chest and arms. Expect dips, floor press and push-ups variations.

Week 5: Vertical pull. We will build up your pull up game, vertical pull is a movement that in the yoga practice is not included and is need it for a strong back.

Week 6: Horizontal pull. This week we will focus on the row drill to get your upper back stronger and with it support your inversions and arm balances.

Week 7: How to put together your upper body personal routine. We will have a full upper body session to include in your strength training plan. It is time to add your own drills to your personal routine.

Week 8: Core. Core is vital for a yoga practice, a yoga practitioner needs to build a strong core. We will focus in full body core drill that will speed up your strength in this area. Expect get ups.

Week 9: Squat. Building a strong and flexible squat will help you with your twists. We will have squat variations to level up your practice.

Week 10: Hinge. Hinging is vital for your backbends, we will take special care of your hamstrings and glutes this week.

Week 11: Carry. Having carries in your strength training will improve your wrist strength and body balance.

Week 12: How to put together your lower body personal routine. We will have a full lower body session to include to your strength training. It is time to add your own drills to your personal routine.

Program: Warm-up; training plan, cool-down