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The LHEA GUIDES will help you get a fitter, healthier & happier life. They will fuel your BODY, MIND & SOUL with abundant energy.

The LIVE HEALTHILY EVER AFTER Guide 14-Day Quick Start Program prepares your body & mind for your new healthy lifestyle. Gives you meal plans, shopping lists, Mobility/Yoga routine, tips & tricks to create healthy eating & living habits.

The LIVE HEALTHILY EVER AFTER Guide Personalized Program is a new way of life, you create a deep base in what type of lifestyle you want to live. This program is designed for you to have 3 skype sessions, where you will be guided to the process of change, you will receive an eGuide manual which includes meal planning, shopping lists, efficient, fun & easy workout routines plus Mobility/Yoga routines and tips & tricks that will keep your new healthy habits going.

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