Fitness routine: Your power reside in your glutes

Well, now you know it, your glutes are so powerful that can score a home run or can knock someone out. The problem is we do not use them! For the average people who works in a desk, their glutes are dormant. Our glutes I might say. Such a waste, you don’t think?

Fitness routine: Your power reside in your glutes

I put together a fitness routine focused on the glutes, because well, your power reside in your glutes. Just to have an idea this part of your body is builded by 3 muscles called: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius. The important thing you really need to know is how to activate them and regain its power. For that you need to put together movements that have a knee dominant, a hip dominant, a glute dominant and a lateral move. So, always remember this when planning a new workout for your behind if you want results.


If you know me already, you know I am a fan of the kettlebell deadlifts. They are just great. Reason why I include them in my training program most of the time.


This is a great movement that involves the quadriceps and reinforce the glutes. Because it is a glute day I choose a split squat in order to channel the energy to the butt.


Since I used a resistance band to perform lateral movement, I cannot stop using it, in my last trip to the Mexican Caribbean the only fitness tool that I took with me was a resistance band to help me with my fitness routine while on my travel.

Photos and video: Markus Haas


So finally got myself involved with the most popular move from the glute guy, Bret Contreras. Since I was not familiar with the movement, I start to observe and feel the muscles in order to get  it right.


This is a training plan to do 2 to 4 times a week focused on your glutes. t I filmed at EVO fitness weight training room, love to have the gymnastic guy on the wall as inspiration and the mirror in the other side to check proper of my movements.

Double kettlebell RDL 10x
Split squat 10x each leg
Side walk with resistance band 10x each leg
Stiffed DL with sand bag 10x
Hip thrust with kettlebell 10x
Repeat 4 more times.




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