Fitness tips: Move because you have a body

As  you have noticed I have been traveling for 4 weeks in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean and the North of Mexico. My training program changed obviously and my skills goals are delayed and on hold until I come back to Vienna. Even though I am on the go, I gave myself time to take care of my fitness; that means I mostly used my body weight to train the human movements.


Monday: Full body dynamic stretch in the morning and evening

A simple tailored dynamic stretch does good to the body and mind. I normally start to stretch in the bed to end up doing some sun salutations and some seated or standing poses depending on the time. Sun salutations are a great option to start and finish the day.

Tuesday: The hanging routine 

The hanging routine is a great way to open heal and reorganize the spinal. Check out Ido Portal free hanging challenge, practice regularly and see the effect it has to your body. Handstands, over head squats will come easy.

Wednesday: Squat routine challenge 30 minutes

Think of healthy hips and longevity. If you cannot make yourself squat down, try out Ido Portal‘s squat routine challenge for a better mobility.

Thursday: Body waves

I learned body waves in the last workshop from Ido called Motion .After 10 minutes of practicing and being a wave, it takes the 10 bodies: oul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arc Line, Auric Body, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, Radiant Body. Give it a try.

Friday: Push up challenge

The push up is one of the basic human movements and easy to perform everywhere.

There are so many variations that you can learn and master this exercise. Give time to learn about yourself and about this move that is involved in your daily life.

Saturday: Jump around

Bouncing the body will raise your temperature, it will shake out some toxins and it improve your conditioning.

Sunday: Learn a new skill/ movement

All give time to learn a new skill. Choose the one you are attracted to and the one choses you.

Move because you have a body, train, dance, jump around, play and smile. Do you even move?

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