Home Gym Routine: Bodyweight workout

A great workout is made of the basic human movements: push, pull, squat, hinge and carry. You can also can create your own home gym routine with these elements.



A push-up targets chest and triceps, also it takes the whole body to perform a push-up because you need to engage the abs and legs in order to do it. The wrist joint, the elbow joint and the shoulder joint work together extending and flexing and building the muscles. There are a big range of push-ups variations that you can integrate to your home gym workout routine. I opt for the hindu push up as a part of my warm-up and close hands push-up since I am used to chaturanga dandasana yoga pose.


Sit-ups work the front and back of the trunk. Abdominals can show up from a core workout routine. Sit-ups work in the side and front abs, including this exercise in your routine in a balance way you can enjoy the benefits of it: good posture, strong trunk means lowing the risk of injuries.


Learned air squat my first Crossfit classes and I have to tell you I always loved them. Air squat are great for a high intensity bodyweight home gym workout routine. They target the quadriceps, front of the leg and work together with deadlifts to build great legs and booty. Add air squat into your cardio workout and you will be on fie.


Superman Back Extension targets the spine. The lower back gets stretch and strong depending the way your training goes. Your glutes and hamstrings, back of your leg, are worked. I normally use this movement to warm up my back before I go into a heavy training. I don’t over do it, just the right amount, listen to your spine, if it is stiffed or if it is hyper flexible. Adjust the movement to your body needs of the day. I also like it to stretch and warm up my hip.


I have to say I used the flutter kicks exercise for the first time when I started to go to Kick Boxing class. There I have to perform flutter kicks, sit-ups, crunches, prision squats, superman back extensions, and more. I have to say the flutter kicks are uncomfy at least for me but effective. They work your abs.


Here is a great home gym workout routine that you can use 3 times per week.

Circuit 1)
5x Push-ups / planche plank
10x Sit-ups
10x Air squats
Rest and repeat for 4 more rounds

Circuit 2)
10x Superman
10x Flutter kicks
Rest and repeat for 2 more rounds


After the workout you can cool down with some stretching or yin yoga few minutes of practice. Remember to cool down and drink water and your superfoods or your well deserve meal. A great home gym workout routine is when you do not compromise your movements technique. Everyone has a different body and level of strength. This bodyweight workout shows you the beginning of the journey. As soon as you master the movements move on to the next group of exercises. Same applies when you are in Vacations or business travel, these moves fit perfectly in a guest room or hotel room.

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