Locomotion conditioning routine by Ido Portal

To be honest every day I am amazed with the wonder of the human body, the human mind and soul. I used to think that walking and talking is learnt but some resources say that it is intrinsic in our body. We are born with it.

I heard about locomotion training for the first time with Ido Portal Method to be honest and then I saw the movements on a warm up crossfit session years ago, and now I practice them time to time when our Capoeira coaches decide to warm up with some animal locomotion. I love to do this moves in my gym Evo Fitness because it has the right space and motivation to do so, this place it is so beautiful and calm.



The lizard as you can see is another variation of a push-up. Where you can develop strength and mobility. It is different from the real lizard which you slide your hands to move keeping your body close to the floor. This variation you walk forward pushing up. It requires focus, strength and mobility. It will make you swear and sweat.

The beginner variation starts in a normal high push up position. From there take both one hand and the opposite side foot forward. The leg should be bent and placed externally rotated and on the ball of the foot. From there perform a push up. If too difficult one can lower the back knee to the floor, but not the front one.
After the push up, move the opposite hand and foot forward in the same position as in the first push up but on the other side. Repeat while advancing.-Ido



The split handstand is basically kicking to handstand in a L and coming back. It took me a while to trust myself and kick without fear. Remember the more you practice the more you get used to the moves. Capoeira training gives the possibility to go beyond your mind limits and teaches you to relax on the move. This is quite fun and to have it as a warm up routine will benefit to your wrists and core.


The duck walks might look easy but there are tricky. You will have to rely on your hip, knees and ankle mobility. Do not give up and continue your journey on this one. Be aware of your focus, your breathe and the movement itself.

Video by Markus Haas Studio: Evo Fitness


Well this one is walking in sumo squat forward lol. I had a hard time staying still in sumo squat, I was not used to when I was asked to “rest” in the “cadeira” in my capoeira practice. TIP: You want or have worked on your splits with not progress, use this move to improve your game.


Do this locomotion conditioning routine for a warm up. It includes only 4 moves do it for 3-4x and you are set for the next to come.




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