Yoga routine: Strength flow for home

Two weeks ago I joined a good friend and amazing yoga teacher for a yoga challenge. Love these yoga challenges because in one side, you have fun, learn a lot, you are part of a community with the same goal. In the other side, you make a daily habit for a yoga practice, you will never go wrong if you decide to participate in an instagram challenge, you will earn some strength, inspiration, and community.

These yoga challenges, than later become your yoga routines, are shared in social media and they are very well accepted. Not only yoga practitioners and teachers have become famous but fitness enthusiasts and coaches are been exposed. I love the idea of real people sharing their movement, fitness, food and yoga journey like Kino Yoga, Ido Portal, David Swenson, Yuri Marmerstein and so on share with us their knowledge.


This yoga flow routine is from #strengthten3 yoga challenge and it is focused in building strength and balance in the body. It also helps you with some destress.


Half chair pose to warrior 3 transition will challenge your balance, focus and strength will be built as single repetitions require strength and stability to control.


Crow pose to jump back transition bring core and arm strength.


Side plank put together with some core sliders will make you build strength in your wrists and your core muscles, that will involve hip joints as well.


Chaturanga pose to turbo dog pose is a transition that might be advance for those who have not a daily practice or are not athletes. Take your time with this drill, it will need a bit of time to develop the movement pattern from the shoulders joint.


Repeat this flow 5 time and you will be ready for the next life challenge!

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Strength Ten 3 is a yoga challenge created by Lizette and Hannah, who are amazing inspiring yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. Find them on Instagram for more inspirational content.

If you were curious to join a yoga or fitness challenge give it a try and let me know if you agree with me that these challenges give he opportunity to build strength in your yoga practice or fitness training.

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