workshop with gugu &BORRACHA quilombola


Build control, stability, coordination

Learn and master step-by-step Capoeira foundational movements and develop a strategical mind to apply in the Roda.

This workshop is for you if...

You lack stability in your body movement

You feel you need more fluidity in the way you body moves inside and outside the Roda

You lack of flexibility where you need it the most

You feel stuck in your movement repertoire and want more explosive moves

It is time you fully enjoy yourself by building stability, flexibility, control and a strategical mind.

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what if you can learn the capoeira foundations EFFICIENTLY, ALLOWING you to:

Unlock your strategical mind

You are focused and keen when you step into the Roda circle

Access your body’s balance

You learn to build stability and enjoy to play, share and express yourself in the Roda.

Become naturally intuitive to what your body actually needs

You allow yourself to use your power intuitively. You know what you body can take and give and you make peace with it proudly in the Roda. You move with ease.

Gugu Quilombola

Over the past 30 years, Gugu has dedicated his life to the art of capoeira. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, with the age of only 6 he started this journey. 

Capoeira brought him to Germany where he began a new chapter in his life and career. Today, Gugu travels around the world to share and teach what he has learnt and developed during the years been active and in touch with all the Mestres and Mestras that have left on him knowledge and expertise.

Yearly, Gugu organises, plans and teaches two big events in Germany; open to everyone from different schools and styles to get together and share current topics related to Capoeira and movement.

Borracha Quilombola

She started Capoeira in 2010 as a social project. She did not expect that she would advance this far with Capoeira, now in hindsight, Borracha believes 100% in the power of transformation. “Capoeira is a cultural art that trains body awareness, coordination, ability to work in groups and it gives you the opportunity to express yourself by singing and playing instruments. You also get a chance to learn other languages and be more confident. Everyone can do Capoeira, as it is a broad art where each person can find a style that suits his/her liking.”

Borracha has been teaching Capoeira since 2015 before moving to Europe in 2018. In her classes she tries to make an idea of the class as much as possible and not just repeat movements. Behind each class there is a meaning and an intention. Her teaching goal is to promote students to become more and more conscious day by day.




Build rock solid stability with specific techniques and patterns


Learn how to master a specific skill by unlocking the key patterns you need


Develop a higher strategical mind, understand your own body and access its power. Learn the attack flow




The workshop is structured so that you can intuitively adapt  to your needs; beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Sessions will be guided in German, Portuguese and translated in English if needed.

Every session has been thoughtfully created for you to teach you to develop your own play based on your level of understanding and body control.


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SFriday 10.11 Evening & Saturday 11.11 Morning

Location: To be confirmed

Take time to look for a parking space. If you drive with public transportation, make sure to take time to be 10 mins before workshop starts.


Not sure if the Capoeira workshop with Gugu & Borracha Quilombola is for you?

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