I will guide and prepare you to achieve your goals. We will build the optimal balance between your strength, mobility and flexibility. In this intuitive personal training you will see fitness with another eyes, the perfect lens for your lifestyle and mindset.
60 min/ 75€
60 min 5 sessions/ 325€
60 min 10 sessions/ 600€
60 min 20 sessions/ 1100€
PT4/ 30MIN 1:1
30 min 4 sessions within 4 weeks/ 100€

To reserve a PT or join the GROUP send me an email.

Do not hesitate to contact me thru my contact box as well. I am looking forward to meet you.

Angie is a highly skilled personal trainer but also a kind person who spreads positivity and dynamism. She will listen carefully to your needs to provide you with the best tips to know your body better and enhance its strength. 100% recommended!


Angie knows what is best for me. She asked me details about what I need and came up with an exercise plan that fits my needs. Every time we do a session we always do different things, so I don’t get bored. But she always sticks with my planned achievement. On every exercise that we do, she always explains what the purpose is and which part of the body is being trained. The explanation is very well brought and thorough. She watches me while I am doing the exercises to make sure that I am doing it correctly. Whenever she sees that the exercise does not fit me, she adjusted the exercise, so It will fit me better. I feel comfortable and safe exercising with her. She informs me very well, always very positive, and listens and understands me. Overall a PT and someone you can rely on to achieve your target.


Attentive and detail oriented !! Gratitude for the shared teachings! As long as I cannot take face-to-face classes, I will take classes online! Thanks for everything !


Angie made working out really fun – she mixed typical workout exercises with other more individualized, creative exercises that helped me with what I needed.