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Imagine an easy-to-follow, time efficient program that eliminates worries about injuries, tightness and weak spots…

…so you can unlock your true strength and flexibility, and maximise your results. Scroll down to find out which of my unique training programs is your perfect fit


My mission is to help you fully enjoy the benefits of an active life by perfecting the fundamentals of strength and movement control.

Once you get the tools to do your favourite sport, training and workouts smoothly, pain-free and completely in control, you’ll bring that empowered feeling to all areas of your life. 

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6-week skill based personal training that helps you get confident, stronger and flexible so you forget about nagging pains, tightness and weak spots.

This is for you if:

  • You need the structure, you feel you need the motivation and consistency to train with a professional
  • You failed to train on your own, you need the habit of regularity
  • You know you have the power to be more flexible and in control of your body

The results:

  • You’ll cut stress and save time for family, work commitments, sport and social life by having s structured plan designed just for you.
  • You’ll feel all the benefits of a lasting increase in shoulders, spine, hips, wrists and ankles flexibility
  • The instant impact on your movement control will give you access your body’s natural stability and balance
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12-week step-by-step Capoeira based tailored program to build lasting control and easier movement in the Roda

This is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed when it comes to handle coordination, balance and flexibility at the Roda
  • You are tired of feeling tight when you play Capoeira and are ready to unlock your shoulders, spine and hips flexibility.
  • You are lazy when it comes to train mobility, a short efficient routine will do it for you 2 times per week

The results:

  • You’ll improve your shoulders, spine and hips flexibility and feel in control of your capoeira moves so you never have to warm up for long before you enjoy the jogo
  • You will gain a more explosive body reflected on your ability to move with ease.

  • You will find yourself more open in your hips when you perform round and straight kicks as well as you will access space to perform a QDR or Ponte


12-week step-by-step skill based tailored program to build lasting control and easier movement in life and your training practice

This is for you if:

  • You need help to have a structured plan to attain your next training goal
  • You are overwhelmed with social media mobility exercises. You want the HOW-TO routine
  • You need a combo of short stretching  routine per day
  • You need feedback that fits your life and goals from a professional coach

The results:

  • You’ll have more  efficient  routines with less time invested
  • You’ll feel all the benefits of improved flexibility in the shoulders, spine, hips, wrists and ankles
  • You will achieve your training goals by building body control and flexibility

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foot and ankle mobility training series to improve stability and strength so you forget about nagging pains, tightness and enjoy your gait.

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling tight when you play your sport or go for a run.
  • You are ready to unlock your foot and ankle stability and flexibility.
  • You don’t have endless time to spend in the gym, and need an efficient barefoot routine that creates space for all of the other priorities in your life.

The results:

  • You’ll improve your athletic performance and health.
  • You will  have control of your footwork moves so you never have to feel stressed and frustrated.
  • You will find yourself you recover faster and enjoy more foot activities without pain.

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Starting with a clear idea of what you want is the only way to take action.

Steal the training planner I use to map out goals for myself and my clients. Clearly plan your big goals and break them down into practical steps that you can put into action right away.  

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