Ready to build lasting strength and easier movement, so you can stop worrying about injuries and fully enjoy training?

You’re in the right place. I coach amateur sport lovers on perfecting their strength and mobility with simplified and efficient training programs

Unlock your true strength and flexibility and forget about nagging pains, tightness and weak spots.


Plan, schedule, track...

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Starting with a clear idea of what you want is the only way to take action.

Steal the training planner I use to map out goals for myself and my clients. Clearly plan your big goals and break them down into practical steps that you can put into action right away.  


My mission is to help you fully enjoy the benefits of an active life by perfecting the fundamentals of strength and movement control. Once you get the tools to do your favourite practice, sport, training and workouts smoothly, pain-free and completely in control, you’ll bring that empowered feeling to all areas of your life.


You need full service personal training that tailors each program and session to your exact needs, for maximum impact. I’ll accompany you every step of the way, from designing your custom program, to the step by step of each session, in person or via Zoom.


Whether you’re a capoeira amateur or pro, you need a coach who understands the specific flexibility and body control that this art requires. Bringing together my 6 years of capoeira training with tried and tested techniques from my multidiscipline background, I’ll custom design a plan and accompany you along the way


You’re looking for a cross between 1:1 and self learning. I’ll custom design a program for your exact goals, that you can follow independently in your own time, and we’ll touch base along the way to keep you on track.


You need a routine structure and like to train in a small community with same struggles and goals than you. I will help you every session to build stronger feet, ankles, knees & hips.

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What clients say about training with me:

"Training with Angie is an absolute blast. Her expertise and holistic approach to strength and mobility training is very motivating and inspirational.

She created a tailored training plan suited to my goals and needs, with exercises that worked for my body and experience level yet pushed me to my limit to get the results I was looking for.

On top of that her kindness and positivity made every session extremely fun and enjoyable.

Thank you Angie!"
Moira Calzadilla
Moira Calzadilla
Digital Product Owner
"Even though I am an athlete all my life I have learnt so many new things about my body and different movements since I started to train with Angie. I learnt how to prepare my body & strength for all kind of exercises.

I not only developed new skills but also gained a lot of knowledge thanks to Angie. Training with her is always fun! She gives you all the support you need physically and mentally! She’s always understanding and super motivating. Thanks to her I reached all my goals.

Thank you Angie for being the best personal trainer"
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Michelle Staudenherz
Ex Professional Diver

Hi, I’m Angie, strength and mobility coach for amateur sport lovers

You’re here because you realise you want to solve your lack of flexibility and movement control, you want to level up the way you train and enjoy an active life to the fullest.

You don’t want to waste any more time on random routines and exercises you find online that don’t suit your fitness level, goals. movement practice, sport and lifestyle. Through designing strength training for myself and for clients, I noticed that an incredible amount of time could be saved and injuries avoided through a combination of specific strength and movement exercises. I use a system for identifying the right volume and intensity for your specific capabilities and goals, and most importantly putting everything together in a way which fits into your regular routine.

After seeing the results with my in-person clients every day, I custom designed signature programs to create an accessible and simple way for you to access the benefits of my trainings, whenever and wherever suits you.

I’d love to help you get those results too.

coaching,sport,strength,mobility,coach,personal trainer,wien,Vienna

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