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Summer Yoga with Nice to Meet Me

The summer has arrived and with it, the celebration of yoga. We got to celebrate this wonderful season by practicing been present while switching from movement to staying still. Solstice days are magical, an opportunity to LET GO. Dissolve extra baggage into emptiness. SUMMER SOLSTICE YOGA  I partnered up with Evo Fitness to share two wonderful…

Use your strength challenge

Use your strength is an 7-DAY instagram challenge where you will find your strength and learn the fundamental body movement patterns that need to be taken in account to have an optimum strength performance. This challenge is a nutshell of the 12-week strength program I designed for those out there who want to improve their…

Lunching at Vegg go Bistro Vienna

Last Friday I was invited to try Vegg go vegetarian and vegan bistro restaurant. The place is located in a well known mall in the north of Vienna. So I came in and found out they do have all you can eat buffet! for those hungry bellies. I ordered it and also I wanted to…